About us

We offer periodic testing on LPG and Propane tanks & vessels, AVI inspections for LPG installations, Pressure Testing of aboveground & underground pipeline. SkidTech works towards commissioning of new equipments, and can also decommission or re-commission existing equipment.

After acquisition of a leading LPG engineering company SkidTech has expanded its base to areas ofmanufacturing, marketing and operation with centers in India, Middle East, Africa and China. SkidTech collaborates and works with leading industries and offer a complete technological solution for LPG applications.Our R&D team is abreast with the technological breakthroughs and applies the same to the client projects to give cost effective and environmental friendly installations. Complying with International standards the products are certified by international inspection agencies.

SkidTech manufacturing, engineering and business activities are focused in the area of liquefied gases, especially LPG and Propane. It aims to promote LPG as an alternative and clean fuel for a cleaner earth.

Our activities

SkidTech core competencies are focused on Gas Heating Technology with the below associated services:

Design, development, installation and maintenance of storage systems, filling stations, dispensers, vaporizer units and related measuring equipments.
Design, development and installation of accessories for LPG/Fuel storage tanks, automation solutions and cathode protection.
Supply and installation of high quality storage tanks