SkidTech manufactures storage systems of any size for LPG and Propane. Our portfolio also includes Autogas and LPG cylinder filling skids. Our products are manufactured at our facility with world renowned LPG technology servingindustrial use and fillingstations.

Storage Tank

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SkidTech storage tanks are manufactured according to international standard. We offer safe storage of propane and LPG in aboveground and underground models, with capacities from 500 to 200,000 liters.

LPG/Propane Skid

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Our skid units are made to comply withInternational Standards. It can all be easily expanded by adding additional tanks to increase the capacity and can be shifted to different locations.

Automatic Tank Gauging

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SkidTech provides Tank Gauging System based on the reliable and maintenance-free radar level or magnetic level gauges. This integrates easily with automation solutions.

Spare parts

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High quality LPG, fuel Nozzles, flow meter, dispenser electronic controller and spare parts which integrates easily with all dispensers are also available.


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We offer high quality LPG Turbine and positive displacement pumps for unloading, bottling and dispensing.

Gas station Automation solution

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The telemetry information system designed for remote monitoring of the gas level in LPG storage, Unloading quantity, Dispensing volume etc.

Control Panel

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SkidTech control panel are designed to comply with international standards and ensure the safety and operational requirements of all types fuel/gas stations. The panel components are sourced from European vendors for high reliability and safety standards. The panels are built to integrate with tank management and automation systems.

LPG/Propane Compressor

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Our compressors deliver high efficiency in handling LPG and propane, ideal for unloading and vapor recovery applications. The single-stage, reciprocating compressors are designed to give maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions.


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We offer different types of LPG vaporizers to increase vaporization capacity varying from 10Kg/Hour to 1000Kg/Hour


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Our LPG dispensers are of highest quality standard with precision temperature compensator to fill accurate volume. The dispensers have Single-touch keypad for preset-volume or amount filling,are easier to handle with build-in emergency stop system with quick disconnection nozzle.


All our products come with a 12 month warranty and we offer an ongoing annual inspection and maintenance service to allow you to maintain compliance of statutory regulations regarding the ownership and operation of pressure vessels.